Get Your Good Luck On and Celebrate Chinese New Year

Penang-ConfettiChinese New Year is a rousing celebration of good fortune, friends, family, and the start to a successful new year. When the Flutter FETTI team hears “celebration”, you know you can count us in! Read on for ways to amp up your Chinese New Year experience






18in airless custom colorLions, Dragons, and Lanterns, Oh My!

Parades celebrating the Chinese New Year fill the senses. Delight in the colorful dragon and lion characters dancing to the beat of drums and gongs, the red lanterns swaying, and the bang of firecrackers. Red and gold are the main colors for the festival. Red is believed to ward off bad luck and gold is thought to bring good fortune. We have the perfect FETTI combo for you in our 18″ Airless Confetti Launchers filled with red and yellow biodegradable TISSUE FLUTTER FETTI. Don’t just watch the parade; become of a part of it! These tubes are filled at both ends, so you get 2 shots per tube with the simple flick of the wrist. Our 14” Hand Flick FireCracklers filled with “Snappin” Poppers and red, yellow and orange Tissue Flutter FETTI also makes a festive statement along the parade route.Flick the confetti popper stick and launch a shower of Flutter FETTI plus the noise of the crackling “popping snappers” as they hit the concrete. Be sure to ONLY USE THESE OUTDOORS!

Party at Your House
9in_hflick_met_streamersYour Chinese New Year party is all about celebrating with family and friends while feasting on delectable food! There’s a meaning behind every dish – noodles for longevity, lettuce for prosperity, oranges and tangerines for happiness. Transform your home with red and gold decorations (think lanterns, fans, takeout boxes, fortune cookies, and chopsticks). Then get the party rolling with our 9” Airless Hand Flick Tube filled w/10 Metallic Streamers in red and gold. Let the streamers fly while you’re rocking out to Chinese Pop Music idols Coke Lee, Jay Chou, and Popu Lady. Or try our 6” Flutter Flickers filled with red and yellow tissue Flutter FETTI. These are perfect for 8’ ceilings.

Coming to a City Near You
Here are details on just a few sensational Chinese New Year parades across the U.S.: San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, and Los Angeles, CA.

Wishing a “Kung Hei Fat Choy” – Happy Chinese New Year to our Flutter FETTI friends!

We want to know…have you hosted or attended a Chinese New Year celebration? What made it awesomely epic? Share in the comments below!
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