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Fun and Games – 5 Super 16th Birthday Party Themes

Turning 16 is a HUGE milestone! Celebrate this very special birthday with a party theme your teenager will love! Read on for inspiration from the Flutter FETTI Team in Part 2 of our special 3 part “Sweet 16” series!

Hwww gfmhotel dot comost a Murder Mystery Dinner

Interactive dinners are right on trend and there’s nothing better than a bit of excitement and suspense! Invite guests over for a murder mystery adventure and create “whodunit” clues throughout the evening.






flutter fetti flickrMardi Gras

What better defines FUN than a Mardi Gras themed party! Provide the guests with masks and beads, and set up a parade. Check out our blog post on Mardi Gras Madness for tons of great ideas.






www partycity dot com
Nacho Average Party

Go for a Mexican inspired theme. Serve a delicious taco bar and non-alcoholic margaritas. Have some fried ice cream and listen to some traditional Mexican music. Take it to the next level by hiring a mariachi band!





GN Graphics.inddGame Night

Everyone loves game night, so have a party with all the classics. Make stations for Life, Monopoly, Jenga, and a place to play Twister.





Dwww bizbash dot comown the Shore

You may not be on the beach, but you can imagine! Set the scene with beach chairs, blankets and beach balls. Serve some boardwalk food including pizza, funnel cake, and deep fried Oreos for a true experience.




Planning a Sweet 16 party can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways in which you can create a memorable experience for your teen and their guests. The most important aspect of throwing a fabulous party are making sure everyone who attends has FUN! Flutter FETTI confetti and streamer products make affordable accent pieces, favors, and magnificent effects that are sure to wow the teens at your sweet 16 party.

Want even more ideas?  We have them! Check out our posts 16 Big Ideas for that Sweet 16 Party! and Sixteen Candles – Planning the Perfect 16th Party! Stay tuned for more Sweet 16 inspiration with next week’s Girl Power – 5 Gorgeous Sweet 16th Party Ideas for Girls!

Guaranteed to Keep Your Guests Laughing – Party Games for Groups

Photo from: www.partycurrent.com

Photo from: www.partycurrent.com

Do you have family and friends visiting?  Say goodbye to humdrum happenings and hello to FUN! The Flutter FETTI Team has some fabulous party game ideas to break the ice and get the party started!

Gargle a Song

Photo from: www.webweaver.nu

Photo from: www.webweaver.nu

You might want to have a rain poncho or bib on hand for this crazy game! While gargling water, a person will start to sing a song. The others in the group will try to guess what song they are singing. The person who guesses correctly is next up to serenade the party.

Sing Song Ping Pong

For this party pastime, a person will begin singing part of a song chorus. The next person must feature a word that is found in the first person’s song lyrics. Each time a person uses a connecting word, they are awarded a point.  The first person with 10 points wins…even if they sing off-key!


Photo from: www.sensortower.com

Photo from: www.sensortower.com

For this game, split into two teams. Have 15 to 20 words or phrases written down on slips of paper that can be easily acted out (fun ideas include “walk the dog”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “mowing the lawn”).  Remember, talking is not allowed by the person acting out the word. Instead, use these hand motions to communicate:

  • Number of Words: Raise your fingers to indicate the number of words. Two fingers equal two words, etc.
  • Books: Hands together in front of you, then open them up like a book.
  • Quotes: Use your fingers to make air quotes.
  • Plays: Bend down on one knee with your arms extended in a dramatic gesture.
  • Movies: Pretend to look through a camera lens with one hand cranking your imaginary movie camera.
  • Songs: Move your hands out from your mouth.
  • TV Shows: Form a rectangle with your fingers to signify a television screen.

As the actor begins, set the timer for three minutes, and let the fun begin! Both teams compete to guess what the person is acting out. The first team to solve the charade wins a point. Keep the charades going until all of the slips of paper are gone. Winning team gets bragging rights!

Dictionary Game

If you have a small group, this is an awesome way to bond and get to know each other. Each person will have their turn going through a dictionary to find an obscure word. Then each guest will have to write down what they think the word actually means. This can be done for up to 10 words. Winner can either be the person with the correct definition or the person with the craziest (incorrect) answer!  All you need to play is a dictionary, paper and pencils, and your brain!

Balloon Volleyball

Photo From: www.clker.com

Photo From: www.clker.com

This game is played just like a typical volleyball game, only using a balloon. Just like in the real game, each time a person misses the ball or it hits the floor, the other team scores the point.  If you are playing outside, you can kick the game up a notch by filling the balloon with shaving cream or water!

No matter what event you’re planning, Flutter FETTI knows exactly how to make it memorable! Whether you’re looking for wedding confetti and streamers, confetti for birthdays, gender reveals, or anything else you can dream up, our talented Confettiologists have you covered! Contact us Toll-Free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S. at 504-522-0300) 

About Flutter FETTI: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  

What fun games have you played at parties and absolutely loved? Share with the Flutter FETTI Community in the comments below! 

The Big 4-0! Fun and Clever Ideas for a Fab 40th Birthday Party

Ready to plan the most epic 40th Birthday Party ever? The Flutter FETTI Team has you covered with these awesome party ideas!

3, 2, 1…SURPRISE!

Happy_Birthday_Swisher_Fetti__63328.1297796130.1280.1280Surprise 40th birthday parties are a huge trend. The “typical” plan is for the guest of honor to arrive at the party location and be greeted with Happy Birthday shouts and cheers. Why not kick the party into high gear by showering the birthday girl or boy with confetti frenzy?  Our Birthday Confetti launchers and sticks create a magical moment as the guest arrives. Custom FETTI colors make it a breeze to coordinate with your party color theme.

Insider Tip: Keep the candles lit a little longer if you’d like as all of our birthday confetti products are dipped by hand in a flame-retardant bath and are safe and non-toxic! And clean-up is oh-so-easy!

Cooking for a Crowd

Imagine for a moment that the party you’re hosting has run out of food. Yes, it’s time to hit the panic button (several times). Every host worries that they might have too little food and drink for their soiree. Unfortunately, this can turn into overbuying and a fridge full of leftovers. How can we avoid this challenge?

Heather at Chickabug created a food-tastic infographic that details just how much to serve at your next gathering. Whether you’re hosting close family and friends or a small army, this guide is your secret weapon to buying just the right amount of party food.


Insider Tip: It’s ok to let your family and friends help! Avoid kitchen mishaps (burned appetizers, running out of ice or (gasp…food) with a little help from your friends. It’s close to impossible for one person to do it all and enjoy their party.

Flashback Fun and Games

Do you remember Mad Libs from your childhood? The object is to create a wild and wacky story by using word substitutions. For example, “Now that Julie is 40, her hair may turn a shade of _____ (color).”

ForMomentsThatMatter_EtsyMad Libs are an awesomely interactive ice breaker. One person will be in charge of filling in the sheet as the rest of the players offer word suggestions.  Remember, no peeking until the Birthday Libs are completed!  Then the birthday girl/boy or party host can read the stories out loud while peals of laughter erupt.

All you need is a stack of Birthday Libs, pencils, and some creative minds! These adorable “Guest Libs” are from the For Moments That Matter Etsy Shop.

Forty Years Ago…

Wow, how times have changed!  Flashback cards are a creative way to celebrate the year the guest of honor was born.  Have one printed out and framed for a personalized gift or use the answers as part of a Flashback Quiz.  Either way, it’s fun to reminisce about the “good old days”.  The WhiteTail Designs Etsy shop creates these wonderful flashback posters:


At Flutter FETTI, we LOVE creating the magic that will make any event stand out. It’s what we do each and every day. The Flutter FETTI Team is here to guide you through planning an unforgettable 40th Birthday Party. E-mail our expert confettiologists or call us toll-free at (877) 321-1999 and we’ll make sure your party is absolutely incredible!