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Naturally Elegant – Amazing Rustic Chic Weddings



Rustic chic has become a popular choice for wedding themes. The back to nature, understated simplicity is perfect for those loving couples whose idea of bliss is sipping from mason jars in their cowboy boots. The theme also fits the elegant minimalist couple who believe that the focus of a wedding should be on their family, friends, and everlasting love instead of opulent and often unnecessary expenses.

It’s as easy as Mom’s home baked pie to create a rustic feel that is chic while still charming! The Flutter FETTI Team has some exciting ideas for making your rustic chic wedding a dream.




www thelovelyfind dot comThe Flowers

When you are going for a rustic chic wedding theme, flowers are an important aspect to consider. Your flowers should be whimsical and natural, perhaps wildflowers, baby’s breath, or clusters of daisies. The bouquets can be tied with garden twine or jute rope and the table arrangements can be vintage mason jars, either clear or tinted, in a variety of colors to suit your them.




white 6 inch hand flick launcher

Celebrations that shower the bride and groom as they exit the church or ceremony location are the perfect place to set the tone for the rest of the wedding celebration. Instead of handing your guests little bottles of bubbles or packets of petals or rice, why not consider using one of our various sized confetti launchers to celebrate the newly wedded couple!  One option is to give every guest a 6″ hand held confetti launcher filled with white, biodegradable tissue confetti to send into the air as the happy couple passes by them.




Shorter tea length dresses that show off western boots provide just the right amount of sass for the bridal party. Perhaps even include cowboy hats, either the entire wedding party could wear them or just the groomsmen. Another option is casual sundresses with simple sandals (or no shoes at all)!


www dot saplag dot netRustic Décor

You want the décor to look perfect on your big day. A fantastic and inexpensive choice is getting bales of hay for your location and using them as extra seating. Hay bales can also be put to use as a place to hold flowers, chalkboard seating charts, gifts and cards or your guest book.

For an evening wedding outdoors, hang mason jars filled with votives (either real or the LED variety) on low hanging tree branches. This look creates a magical atmosphere that’s also incredible in photos! Get creative and use barrels, wood pallets, galvanized accents, and re-purposed farm implements as unique touches to your reception location.

Ceremony Ideas

Decorate your ceremony with fabrics like burlap, linen, calico, and lace. Birch wrapped accents and wooden aisle signs add a finishing touch. One cute ceremony idea is using a ring pillow that is made out of burlap or even a small bird’s nest to hold the ring! You could also have the flower girl wearing a crown of flowers or ivy while walking down the aisle for a lovely rustic touch.


www southern weddings dot comWedding Party Transportation

A limo seems out of place at a rustic wedding. Try some other options such as a hayride, a vintage pickup truck, or even a horse drawn wagon. Don’t forget to add a special send off when the bride and groom are leaving the reception! Our 18″ airless launchers half filled with custom colored metallic streamers are a gorgeous effect for outdoor use. These streamers are very easy to clean up, and in fact, they’re so pretty that guests may pick save them as a wedding souvenir! Our airless confetti launchers provide an exciting send off to bring the wedding to a close.

“We’ll help you create a celebration that people will NEVER forget with the magic and excitement of Flutter FETTI.” Ronee Holmes, Chief Confettiologist.

Contact us Toll Free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S. at 504-522-0300) or email us now and we’ll find the ideal product match to add the ultimate effect to your event!

Want more great wedding ideas? Check out the Top Ten Spring Wedding Flowers and Spring Wedding Favors your Guests Will Love posts at the Flutter FETTI blog!


Customer Approved!


Robyn H.

Five-Star-Image16” Wedding Confetti “Hand Flick” Launcher -Custom Color  Perfect for our outdoor wedding! The confetti fluttered perfectly! It was a fun touch to our recessional and made for some great pics!

Denise S.

Five-Star-Image118” Airless Confetti “Hand Flick” Launcher with Tissue Confetti  These were perfect for my daughter’s wedding! Such a beautiful sendoff!!! Perfection!


Gabrielle K.

Five-Star-Image114” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks Purchased these for a wedding send off. Saw at a previous wedding and thought it was a great idea. Pictures turned out beautiful with the confetti. Great looking product and very fast shipping. Would order again and recommend to others!


Oh Baby! Guide to Hosting the Cutest Baby Shower

Flutter FETTI knows how to bring excitement and joy to any occasion. Getting ready to welcome a new bouncing baby bundle of joy is definitely a cause for celebration!  Whether you’re throwing a traditional shower or a gender reveal party (try incorporating this with your baby shower for a real surprise element!), the Team at Flutter FETTI has put together essential baby shower advice on how to shower the parents to be in style!

Gender Reveal

FlutterFETTI customers love surprise Gender Reveals!

Ready to Pop!


From Etsy Shop: TintedStar

Guests can have fun with their food at a “Ready to Pop” themed popcorn station!  Kick traditional popcorn up a notch by offering guests a variety of tasty flavors in everything from sweet cinnamon & sugar, peanut butter, and s’mores to savory browned butter rosemary and chili lime. Decorate your popcorn station with large containers of flavored popcorn that friends can scoop into their own personal popcorn boxes.


From Stickeryou.com


From Stickeryou.com

Diaper Duty 


From Etsy Shop TheLionAndTheLark

Babies certainly go through a lot of diapers! Diaper Raffle cards are a creatively cheeky way to help the parents to be in the diaper department.  Insert the raffle card along with your shower invitation.  Have guests turn in their completed raffle tickets along with their diaper pack. Before the shower ends, mix up the cards and pull the winning guest name. The prize can be anything from a lovely scented candle, assorted chocolates, or a gift card to your local coffee shop.


Advice for the Parents to Be and Wishes for Baby

Achieving the perfect swaddle. Bath time basics. Diaper do’s and don’ts. Everyone will have sage advice to share with the new mommy or daddy. Another heartwarming shower highlight is “Wishes for Baby”.  Both of these notecards will be cherished keepsakes. Hand out the cards along with pens/pencils as guests arrive or have the cards at each place setting. Set up a basket to collect the cards as guests leave. 


From Etsy Shop TheLionAndTheLark

Fizzy Favors

Favors are oh so fun!  They’re a great way to end the party with a pop. Set up a favor station with champagne (pink for baby girl!) and sparkling cider along with a decorative paper straw.  A neat tie in to the bit of bubby is to cover a full sized champagne bottle with cardstock (scrapbook paper from your local craft store works well) and have guests sign the bottle with a permanent marker. When baby arrives, the parents to be can toast their little one and keep the signed bottle as a special memento.


From Etsy Shop: LabelWithLove

Looking for other spectacular ways to announce baby’s arrival?  Read more on Bows or Bow Ties? Host an Amazing Gender Reveal Party with Flutter FETTI! 

Contact us Toll Free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S. at 504-522-0300) or contact one of our talented Confettiologists and we’ll find the ideal product match to add the ultimate effect as you celebrate your bundle of joy!

Five Alternatives to a Wedding Guestbook That Will WOW Your Guests!

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

You know, here at Flutter FETTI, we’re always looking for new ways to help you make sure your event is unforgettable.  Spectacular in every way. It’s in our DNA!  No, really, it is. Our company continues the legendary spirit and unmatchable enthusiasm of our founder, the world’s first ever confettiologist, Jim Watkins.

Recently, we have seen some brilliantly original alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook that we wanted to share with you.  Of course, you wouldn’t want to abandon the guestbook. Not only does it provide you with rich memories of the happy day in years to come, it also honors your guests by providing them with a chance to participate in a lasting memento of the occasion.  So, it’s a must-have for your wedding – but you want some inspiration to make sure your “guestbook” is a showstopper?

We’ve got you covered. Check out these great alternatives we found:

Message in a Bottle

Pass-a-Grill Beach wedding by cptphotography.com
Could anything be more romantic, or evocative, than a message in a bottle? You’ll need a good-sized, (preferably hand-blown) glass bottle, and a wooden or metal stand that holds it in a horizontal position. It’s also good to illuminate it – consider a desk lamp that can be adjusted to provide light from a low angle, to bring out the beauty of the glass. Provide guests with some old-fashioned writing paper and a fountain pen to write their names on. They can then carefully tear the “message” out and pop it in the bottle – very theatrical, and a beautiful memento for years to come!


Painted Plate

This is a great option if you’ve decided to have an intimate, inner-circle-only wedding. With fewer guests, filling a whole guestbook is not an option. Choose a commemorative plate – if you have time, you can get it specially painted with your names and even your portraits – then equip guests with a sharp-tipped permanent marker to sign their names around the rim or across the center. Voila – you have an instant classic – something you can hang on a wall, display in a cabinet, place on a mantelpiece over the fireplace, or anywhere that takes your fancy!


Personalized & Signed Frame

What could be a better memento of your special day than a framed picture, signed by everyone that was there to share the experience with you? You’ll need a broad, flat frame, and a sharp-tipped permanent marker. You may want to include an engagement picture within the frame so that guests more quickly understand the concept.



Large “Alphabet” Style Letter

Alphabet Letter

A great choice if you have lots of guests. You can choose the first letter of your last name or another letter (or even a number) that has significance for you and your partner. Again, you’ll need a permanent marker. Test first on a small inconspicuous area to ensure that the surface is easy to write on and will not smudge, tear, or blot. The finished article can be hung on a wall, stood on a shelf or lit up with a strategically-placed spotlight – the choice is yours!


Wishing Stones

Wishing Stone
For this, a trip to a local stream will be needed. Choose enough smooth stones to allow for all of your guests, plus a few more just in case! Don’t have a stream nearby? Stop by your local craft supply store for vase filler stones. Depending on your preference, you may wish to choose all dark colored stones, all pale ones, or a mixture of both. Next, you will need a strong container to hold them all. You may choose a fruit basket, a serving tray, or an old-fashioned metal filing drawer as shown in this example. Guests will need a white “paint” type marker pen, (yes, they are available!) to write their name if you’re using dark colored stones, or a normal permanent marker if you are using light colored ones. The beauty of this option is the rich number of ways you will be able to use and display the memento of your wedding in the future. Paperweights, windowsill decorations – whether together or spread apart, you will have a priceless reminder of all the happy memories for years to come.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that it has sparked some more ideas for you. What other creative alternatives to wedding guestbooks have you experienced? Why not share with us in the comments below?

Happy Holidays from Flutter FETTI!

Flutter FETTI teamWhat were the last 12 months like at Flutter FETTI?  Well let’s see… our confetti and streamers were seen flying, floating and fluttering at events around the world, from Chicago’s Little League World Series Parade to LIVE with Kelly & Michael to countless baby gender reveals!  We launched a ton of new products and features, including our new sleeves of confetti and streamers, our Flutter FETTI mobile app, and our exciting new Ambassador Program!  We gave out huge prizes during a bunch of fun social media contests, met a ton of new people at trade shows from G2E to TSE, and teamed up with ska-funk-soul band Beebs & Her Moneymakers to unleash #confettibombs at every turn!  WOW – now that we think about it, it’s been quite a year!

And we have one group of people to thank for ALL of it and that’s YOU, our loyal customers, fans and friends who have supported us throughout the year.  THANK YOU for everything and we can’t wait to celebrate with you next year under an even bigger blizzard of flying, floating and fluttering confetti!

What can you expect in 2015?  We already have plenty of trade shows, incredible events, and exciting moments lined up for the new year.  But the biggest news is that we’ve teamed up with a new partner to develop even better confetti and streamer products.  We can’t tell you all the details yet, but what we can tell you is that if you continue to read our blog and sign up for our newsletter (lower left corner at the bottom of our shopping category menu), you’ll be the first to know what’s available for your events.  This will be the year to ‘be in the know’!

In the meantime, have a wonderful, safe, and FETTI-tastic holiday season!  We wish you endless merriment and a New Years Eve party that’s full of the finest confetti and streamers!

Flutter FETTI Confetti Chandelier

Have You Heard About The Concert #Confettibomb?

Beebs & Flutter FETTIThere are countless examples of great partnerships out there:  Batman & Robin, Bonnie & Clyde, Ying & Yang.  Yet none has been as colorful, dramatic and awe-inspiring as this latest duo:  Flutter FETTI & Beebs And Her Moneymakers!

Better than Peanut Butter & Jelly?  We certainly think so!  This summer Beebs And Her Moneymakers jammed out at the Vans Warped Tour and rocked the house day after day.  Fans absolutely loved them, but what was the secret behind their concert success?  Was it their wacky outfits, catchy songs, or awesome performances that caught all the attention?  Surely that was part of it, but the truth of the matter was that Michelle Beebs and her band were doing something even more awesome:  they were using the #confettibomb!

What is #confettibomb?  And how does Flutter FETTI’s amazing Ronee Holmes fit into the picture?  To find out all the answers, download our FREE story about how Flutter FETTI & Beebs And Her Moneymakers Team Up To Spread ‘Flutterly Love’!

In our story you’ll discover:

  • The most colorful story you’ll read all year!
  • A ton of inspiration for your own incredible events!
  • The answer to the biggest mystery of all:  the #confettibomb!!

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A Confetti Collage by Flutter FETTI

Confetti is beautiful. FETTI is spectacular! Our confetti collage is a fun way to show you how our confetti and streamer products bring joy, excitement, and magic to every event in your life. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so rather than write all those words out for you, we’ve decided to share all our awesome FETTI photos with you. Enjoy!

Flutter FETTI Collage 1Flutter FETTI Collage 2Flutter FETTI Collage 3Flutter FETTI Collage 4

Flutter FETTI is great for every event, from weddings and parades to graduations and New Years Eve celebrations. If you’re looking to add some FETTI magic to your next event, contact one of our famous confettiologists and make your guests part of the most colorful and inspiring moment of the year!

Become a Flutter FETTI Ambassador – Earn Cash Rewards for Referrals!

Do you love Flutter FETTI and shout it to the world? Do you convince your friends and family to buy it? It’s time that you are rewarded for all your efforts.

Introducing the Flutter FETTI Ambassador Program!

It’s our very own referral program that rewards you for the things you do everyday. Every time your direct referral makes a purchase, you earn cash. Signing up is simple and you can start making money today!

How to become a Flutter FETTI Ambassador:

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Home Screen















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Share Screen















IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to click the “Track your rewards” link in the upper right corner of the page to setup your account and view your referral dashboard! This will also send an email to your inbox so you always have a convenient link to the dashboard.

Track Screen




A great offer…  and even better rewards!

The offer is awesome: You give your friends 10% off their Flutter FETTI order.

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How to redeem your cash rewards

Once you start sending out referrals, you can track your referrals and cash via the Referral Corner Account link that you originally setup. The dashboard allows you to see whom the orders came from, how much cash you made, and what you can do with it.

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Redeem Screen













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Must-See Video: The Most Heart-Warming “Baby Gender Reveal” with Confetti

We come across a lot of videos here at Flutter FETTI but few have brought us to tears – happy tears, of course – as this new baby gender reveal video produced by The Adventures Of. It’s easily the most heart-warming and memorable video that we’ve ever seen incorporate confetti!

Check out the video:

Baby Velasco Gender Reveal from The Adventures Of /Jakfoto Films on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the Velasco family on the new addition! What an exciting way to unveil this moment to your family and friends.

Confetti is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to reveal the gender of your baby. It’s way more fun than an email, text or social media post and a great way to get everyone together in person. What kind of baby gender reveal confetti products can you use for this event? We offer:

  • 6” Flutter Flickers – These small tubes can be customized with pink or blue tissue FETTI and are perfect for indoor celebrations. Just make sure to give your guests two flickers each so they have twice as much fun!
  • 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks – Our most popular confetti sticks are perfect for large indoor or outdoor parties. Customize the FETTI with pink or blue and let all your friends and family join in the celebration!

Confetti tubes for this kind of surprise are covered with white wraps to hide the color inside. There is no minimum order for these types of tubes so you can get as many or as few as you need. Just make sure someone knows and mentions the sex of the baby before placing an order! To learn more, contact one of our expert confettiologists and we’ll make sure your event is just as special and heart-warming!


How To Show Your School Spirit with Confetti

Football and FETTISchool is back in session and while students might be groaning about the return of studying, there is one aspect of school they can’t wait to relive: the party scene! Every year, they look forward to a slew of events, including homecoming football, cheerleader pep rallies, and orientation.

Everyone wants to show their school spirit when it matters most. Here’s how you can encourage the excitement for each of these back-to-school events:

Freshman Orientation

Welcome freshmen to your school in the most colorful and spectacular way possible – with school-colored confetti and streamers. Hook up two X-6 Double Barrel Launchers where students gather for the ceremony and shoot off 2” x 40” stadium-sized streamers as it comes to a climax! It’s a dramatic and attention-grabbing way of saying, “Welcome!”

Looking for a more intimate way to welcome the new freshman class? Give all your students a pair of custom 6” Flutter Flickers filled with school-colored confetti. When the moment arrives, ask everyone to toss the FETTI at the same time and watch the scene erupt in color. It’s one assignment that every student will pass!

Football Games

The best kind of Saturday is the one that’s filled with tailgating, friends and football! Cheering on your school team is one of the most exhilarating experiences, especially when they’re winning. Now you can make those celebrations bigger and bolder with school-colored 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks. The whole crowd will be fired up when your school colors go fluttering, flying and floating through the home stands!

And what about the cheerleaders who drive all the excitement? It’s time for them to embrace the handheld MEGA Blaster Launcher! It enables them to shoot confetti, streamers, t-shirts and even hot dogs into the crowd of wild fans. Talk about excitement!

Homecoming Parade & Court

Homecoming is a great way to bring together students, faculty and alumni. Gerbs are a great way to bring a smile to all their faces.

During the homecoming parade, hook up 3” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers on the back of trucks or floats and spray the crowd with school-colored tissue FETTI. Then step it up a notch at the homecoming court or ball with a 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher. When the king and queen are announced, shoot pound after pound of FETTI up to 100’ in the air and get the party started. It will be one homecoming celebration that no one will forget!

Cheerleader Pep Rally

Pep rallies are already designed to be loud, colorful and wild, meaning they’re the perfect place to incorporate high-flying bursts of confetti and streamers! Equip the cheerleaders with Master Blaster Co2 Confetti Launchers and fire up the crowd with Metallic Streamers and school-colored tissue confetti.

You can also get individuals involved with the pep rally activities by handing out 14” PomPom Tubes filled with Metallic Streamers. They’re ideal for sports events because even after the streamers have been thrown 15’ high above the field, the tube retains its use as a traditional pompom stick. It’s 2-in-1 fun!

Flutter FETTI has countless options to stimulate the students and fans at your school’s most popular events. Call our expert confettiologists at (877) 321-1999 for more great ideas and a special discount for schools.


Confetti Cannon from Live with Kelly and Michael!

Paul McCartneyAt Flutter FETTI, we’ve worked directly and indirectly with a lot of celebrities over the years bringing joy to their concerts, television sets and movie shoots. We’ve captivated fans of Taylor Swift, brought a burst of color to the set of Dancing with the Stars, and whipped up some “WOW!” factor at Paul McCartney concerts. Continue reading