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Happy Holidays from Flutter FETTI!

Flutter FETTI teamWhat were the last 12 months like at Flutter FETTI?  Well let’s see… our confetti and streamers were seen flying, floating and fluttering at events around the world, from Chicago’s Little League World Series Parade to LIVE with Kelly & Michael to countless baby gender reveals!  We launched a ton of new products and features, including our new sleeves of confetti and streamers, our Flutter FETTI mobile app, and our exciting new Ambassador Program!  We gave out huge prizes during a bunch of fun social media contests, met a ton of new people at trade shows from G2E to TSE, and teamed up with ska-funk-soul band Beebs & Her Moneymakers to unleash #confettibombs at every turn!  WOW – now that we think about it, it’s been quite a year!

And we have one group of people to thank for ALL of it and that’s YOU, our loyal customers, fans and friends who have supported us throughout the year.  THANK YOU for everything and we can’t wait to celebrate with you next year under an even bigger blizzard of flying, floating and fluttering confetti!

What can you expect in 2015?  We already have plenty of trade shows, incredible events, and exciting moments lined up for the new year.  But the biggest news is that we’ve teamed up with a new partner to develop even better confetti and streamer products.  We can’t tell you all the details yet, but what we can tell you is that if you continue to read our blog and sign up for our newsletter (lower left corner at the bottom of our shopping category menu), you’ll be the first to know what’s available for your events.  This will be the year to ‘be in the know’!

In the meantime, have a wonderful, safe, and FETTI-tastic holiday season!  We wish you endless merriment and a New Years Eve party that’s full of the finest confetti and streamers!

Flutter FETTI Confetti Chandelier

Special Effects for Warm-Weather Holiday Lighting Ceremonies

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in New York City is the quintessential holiday lighting.  You get the big, beautiful pine tree dotted with countless twinkling lights, a chilly winter evening accompanied by a light snowfall, and a sea of people bundled in festive winter gear.

That scene is possible in New York City, but what about in warm-weather cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, and Tampa Bay?  You’ll have to use a lot more imagination – or employ a wave of awesome special effects.  With a little bit of planning, the latter is easily achievable and way more fun!

Take a look at what Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive did for their 2014 Holiday Lighting Ceremony:

Pretty amazing, right?  Your warm-weather city can have an equally exciting ceremony!  All you need is the following setup:

  • 6” Continuous Flow Gerb Confetti Launchers
  • White Tissue Corkscrews Confetti

This is the ultimate combination because it creates an effect that looks and feels like snow!  By hooking up multiple 6” Continuous Flow Gerb Confetti Launchers (the largest of the Gerbs) and feeding it all-white Corkscrews confetti, a blizzard of ‘snow confetti’ will fly up to 100’ in the air so everyone can enjoy a bit of ‘winter wonderland’, even on the warmest evening.  That’s how Beverly Hills does it and that’s how you can do it too!

Of course, you don’t have to be limited to just a ‘blizzard effect’.  There are plenty of other great special effect ideas for holiday lighting ceremonies, including:

  • 9-Barrel POD Confetti Launcher
  • Multi-colored Tissue Flutter FETTI Confetti

Maybe you want something more colorful?  Or timed beautifully with your ceremony program?  After all, the holidays down South are often far more unique than the traditional ones in the snowy North.  Rather than pretend you have snow, think about shooting off multi-colored tissue confetti to make your tree lighting ceremony more colorful than ever before!  And use the 9-Barrel POD Confetti Launcher to make precision-aimed shots pre-programmed to go off with your music or show!

Here’s another great special effects combination:

  • X-6 Double Barrel Launcher
  • Metallic Streamers

Confetti is just one type of spectacular special effect; streamers are another!  Just as the tree lights up, launch stadium-sized 2” x 40’ Metallic Streamers from the twin barrels of X-6 Double Barrel Launchers and give every person in attendance a thrilling chill down their spine.  The excitement, the beauty and the spectacle of streamers soaring over the newly lit tree create the perfect climax for such a big event!

So never fear warm-weather dwellers:  it’s possible to have a spectacular holiday lighting ceremony with the help of even more spectacular special effects!  To get started, shop our online store or talk to one of our famous confettiologists at (877) 321-1999.


A Fun Finale For School Holiday Shows: Streamers & Confetti!

Practically every school celebrates the end of the first semester with holiday shows, plays, musicals or concerts.  As teachers, you spend months preparing students for the big performance in front of peers, friends and family.  Even the cheeriest event can be quite stressful, so do you really want to end your show with a dud?

Streamers and confetti make for the perfect fun-filled finale!  End your school holiday show, play, musical or concert – and signal the end of all that stress – with a burst of color, shimmer and pizzazz!

Here are some ideas (and great photos) to inspire your holiday show finale:

Use Confetti Sticks

School Holiday Show Confetti - 14The most simple and straightforward confetti sticks are also the most spectacular idea for finales.  Why?  Because everyone can use them, from the smallest child to the biggest adult!  They’re easy to grip, shoot off with just a flick of the wrist, and create the most awe-inspiring moment of fluttering, floating and flying confetti!

The 6” Flutter Flickers are ideal for the younger ones, smaller venues, or the pockets of band members who don’t want to ruin the surprise ending!  The popular 14” Confetti Sticks are better for older students or groups who want to make a big impact in a big auditorium!  You can customize colors for either one (think red, green and white for a school Christmas play) and tissue FETTI is easy to clean up.

Use Airless Launchers with Streamers

School Holiday Show Streamers - 18If you want something that reaches further into the audience, and has a bit more shimmer too, then the 18” Airless Launchers with Metallic Streamers are sure to please.  You get two shots with each tube and all it takes is just a flick of the wrist (no Co2 required) to launch streamers 20’ to 25’ in the air!  In a really dark room with only a few bright spotlights, the shimmering effect of flying metallic strips is enough to get everyone on their feet for that standing ovation.

Some school holiday shows step it up a notch and do streamers and confetti all at once.  There are launchers stuffed with streamers and confetti that give you the best of both worlds, or you can give half the performing students confetti sticks and the other half airless launchers and let ‘em rip!

Use Confetti Cannons or Confetti Blowers

School Holiday Show Confetti LauncherIf your school budget allows you to splurge a bit, confetti cannons or confetti blowers can give you a whole lot more bang for your buck.  Rather than make every student work for the finale, cannons and blowers do the work for you so everyone can be mesmerized by the moment.  What’s that moment you ask?  The moment the entire auditorium is covered in a cloud of colorful confetti!

The Surprise Box is great because it can be surreptitiously rolled out on stage and only unleashed when the moment is right.  The 3” Gerbs produce an even bigger effect and shoot confetti up to 75’ high – and it’s always a hit with the audience.  For an all out blast, the X-6 Double Barrel Launchers create a moment on par with the most astonishing fireworks shows, yet all done with confetti.

Regardless of which one you choose, an awesome, fun-filled finale awaits your school holiday show, play, musical or concert.  That’s the magic of streamers and confetti; that’s the magic of Flutter FETTI!


Halloween Confetti Is Both Trick And Treat

Halloween Confetti Best CostumeTrick or treating shouldn’t be reserved for just kids.  Adults can have fun too and confetti can allow you to do both in style.  By bringing confetti into the holiday mix, you can make your Halloween party or event more astonishing, more unexpected, and more colorful than ever!  Check out some of our favorite Halloween confetti ideas:

Treat:  Halloween confetti at a nightclub event

From Las Vegas to New York City, the hottest nightclub parties at the end of October come in one form:  Halloween costume parties!  And what better way to celebrate the sexy costumes and seasonal theme than with a massive barrage of orange and black colored tissue confetti?

Using 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers, launch pound after pound of custom-colored confetti as the DJ blares out a favorite Top 40 tune (or Michael Jackson’s Thriller).  Plus, stun the winners of the night’s costume contest with a gigantic wall of festive FETTI.  No matter when you make the magic happen, confetti from Flutter FETTI is sure to be the best Halloween treat!

Trick and treat:  Halloween confetti at a house party

Are you throwing a Halloween party at your home, but want to do something ‘different’?  Confetti is a great way to up the ante and get your costumed event etched into the memories of all your friends and neighbors.  You can do it with both a trick and a treat.

Start with a trick:  As guests arrive at the door, spook them with a bombardment of orange and black tissue confetti from 18” Airless Launchers.

End the night with a treat: give all your guests 18” Airless Launchers and as you crown the person with the best costume, toss all the confetti sticks at once.  There’s nothing more fun than embracing the Halloween spirit and using tons of confetti to do it!

Trick:  Halloween confetti for children trick-or-treating

The Halloween experience for children is typically far more treat than trick.  They ring doorbells, stick their hands into buckets of candy, and fill their pillowcases with countless sweets.  What about giving them a trick this year, in addition to their treat?

As soon as the costumed children say, “Trick or Treat”, offer your candy in one hand and flick a 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Stick with custom orange and black colors in the other!  If you want to take your trick to a higher level, rent a Surprise Box and launch die-cut apple leaves (in red and green colors) as soon as the kids arrive.  It’s a startlingly fun and colorful surprise that no one will expect, but everyone will love!

When it comes to Halloween confetti, will yours be trick or treat?  Contact one of our famous confettiologists to find out more or plan your colorful party favors!


6 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Flutter FETTI Wedding6 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

It’s February 14th, the most romantic day of the year.  It also happens to be your wedding day.  Now you can merge the mushy rituals of Valentine’s Day into your masterpiece of a wedding and turn it into a fashionable affair.  Here are 6 romantic ways to make that happen:

1. Perform The Rose Ceremony

Your ceremony is where it all begins and the perfect place to set the tone for your wedding day.  Since the red rose is the symbolic flower of Valentine’s Day, then the Rose Ceremony is a perfect way to incorporate the symbol and enhance your service.  The concept is quite simple although the meaning is quite deep.  After being handed red roses by the mothers or officiant, the bride and groom exchange roses to represent the act of giving and receiving love.  During difficult times in the marriage, giving a red rose will convey that love connection and act as a vessel for forgiveness.

2. Toss Red & White Streamers

Red and white, the colors of Valentine’s Day, are bound to be in your wedding.  They might show up in the flowers, the table decorations, and the invitations, but these are to be expected.  If you want to give everyone a beautiful and unexpectedly romantic moment, hand out customized 18” Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers to all your guests prior to your ceremony or reception exit.  As you walk out the door, watch them toss glittery red and white streamers high over your head.  Take a moment to enjoy a kiss under the sea of streamers and amongst all your friends and family.

3. Write “Love Letter” Table Cards

There are so many iconic Valentine’s Day items used to create table cards, such as locks and keys, red roses, and practically anything heart-shaped.  Here’s a better idea:  write romantic “love letters”.  Start by putting guest names and table numbers on the outside of little envelopes.  Then inside each envelope, place a letter expressing your love, admiration, or friendship to that specific person.  It’s a great way to thank guests for coming and show your appreciation for having them at your wedding and in your life.

4. Release Confetti Rose Petals, Hearts, or Butterflies

Have you ever been surrounded by confetti while dancing amongst your favorite people?  That scene is about as romantic as it gets and one that you can cherish for a lifetime.  During your favorite song or the final set, drop or shoot off thousands of die-cut tissue confetti rose petals, hearts, or butterflies.   You can use our amazing Surprise Box to make it happen and completely “WOW!” all your guests!  Customize the confetti in classic red and white and experience the wonder of FETTI flying, fluttering, and floating through the air as everyone dances the night away.  It’s a magical moment that comes once in a lifetime!

5. Incorporate Sweethearts Candy

One look at the cute sayings like “Be Mine” and “Say Yes” and guests will hark back to their youthful days when handing out sweethearts candy was a Valentine’s Day tradition.  The key is to incorporate sweethearts candy into your Valentine’s Day wedding without taking away from the elegance.  Rather than toss them sporadically on tabletops, tie handfuls of sweethearts inside dainty mesh bags at each seat or place them delicately along the rim of your wedding cake.  Some people may think it’s romantic overkill, but the rest will think it’s overly romantic.

6. Book a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Take your Valentine’s Day wedding to the upper echelons of romance with a fairy-tale entrance.  Nothing is more spectacular than arriving at your wedding venue in a horse-drawn carriage.  As your driver opens the door, be greeted by a whirl of fresh “snow” from all-white 6” Wedding Confetti Launchers.  The pictures are priceless!  Then say goodbye to your steed and walk down the aisle to begin your new life in love!

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” effect to your Valentine’s Day wedding celebration.

7 Fun Things To Pack For Your New Year’s Eve Vacation

New Years Eve partyAhhh vacation.  New Year’s Eve is coming up and many of us are taking advantage of the days off to get some much-needed R&R.  Yet a New Year’s Eve vacation is also meant to be a celebration with the biggest moment of the year occurring at midnight on December 31st.

You already have enough to pack, but you don’t want to leave out the fun stuff.  Whether you’re headed out on a cruise, going to a ski lodge, or visiting friends or family in another state, it’s important to think of small things that can fit in your bag but unleash big time fun.

1. Party hats and tiaras – Sitting directly on your head and spouting obvious phrases like “Happy New Year”, these wearable objects declare your love of New Years Eve!  Paper party hats can be bought in flattened packs, while top hats and faux-jeweled tiaras are skinny enough to squeeze around and be protected by all the clothes in your suitcase.

2. Noisemakers – Are you going to bring the noise this New Year’s Eve?  You certainly can if you pack these loud little whistles into your backpack.  There are plenty of noisemakers out there, but our 9” Happy New Year Swisher Streamers are a noisemaker, streamer stick, and pom-pom all in one!  Their compact size and multi-function design make them perfect for vacation.

3. Glow sticks – With the sun long gone and indoor lights dimmed, a New Year’s Eve party can be a dark time… unless you whip out some glow sticks!  These fluorescent lights make a statement on the dance floor and bring the funk of the 70s to the new millennium.  Plus, they’re small and fit easily in your luggage.

4. 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks – No matter where you are on New Year’s Eve, one thing is for certain – you’ll be counting down as the second hand edges towards midnight.  When the clock strikes 12, what should you do?  Throw confetti of course!  14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks are super fun, very colorful, easy to use, and can fit in any suitcase you bring on vacation!

5.  Beads and fake jewelry – Even though it’s not Mardi Gras or Halloween, colorful beads and gaudy fake jewelry can add a lot of fun to your New Year’s Eve party.  They’re easy to pack into your luggage and quick to throw on when the party gets going.  Plus, when else will you really get to wear this stuff?

6.  FireCracklers – Loud, fiery objects are a hit at New Year’s Eve, but taking firecrackers and fireworks with you on vacation is dangerous and often not allowed.  You’ll want a safer alternative that’s equally small and potent.  Our 14” FireCracklers® Confetti Snappers are designed to give you the great fiery colors and theatrical sounds you crave, but in a much safer way!

7.  Balloons and banners – Are you destined to spend your vacation in a blandly decorated hotel room or cabin?  Balloons and New Year banners can transform your living quarters into a festive space.  It’s easy to squeeze tons of balloons and a few big banners into your suitcase, so this one’s a no-brainer.  And once the party’s over, you can quickly take them down and get that rest and relaxation you always wanted.

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” effect to your holiday vacation.

Flutter FETTI Confetti Takes Over Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California!

Rodeo Drive has long been known for its luxury boutiques and beautiful people.  Now you can add something new to that list:  our amazing Flutter FETTI products!  Flutter FETTI was proud to be a part of this year’s annual Beverly Hill’s Holiday Lighting Ceremony and we heard it was quite the hit as our white Corkscrews made it snow on Rodeo Drive!

The Rodeo Drive Committee put on a spectacular show, featuring ice sculptors, marching bands, celebrities, and even a visit from Santa.  To mark the biggest moment of the night, the organizers unleashed a blizzard of our all white tissue confetti.  People danced in the streets and picked up confetti to toss at their friends as if it were actual snow!  Check it out in this great video:

Top 5 Holiday Light Displays in the USA

White Corkscrews ConfettiAs the holidays come around, the trees lose their leaves and the landscape begins to look so barren.  Fear not!  These blank canvases are now perfect for showing off holiday lights!

Your family, neighbors, and local town all seem to get in the spirit of displaying lights for the holidays.  Some just do it so much more gracefully than others!  Here are our top 5 holiday light displays in the USA:

1.  Rockefeller Center, New York City, NY

Even if you’ve never seen it in person, you’ve seen it in Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone 2, or maybe Elf.  The most well-known holiday lighting in the world occurs in the concrete jungle of New York City.  The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting is witnessed in person by thousands and watched on television by millions.  It’s the unofficial start to the holiday season and if you get the chance to witness in person, you’ll enjoy all the celebratory singing and dancing that comes along with it.  Just make sure to bring some 14” Flutter Flickers customized with all white tissue FETTI to celebrate the moment when the lights go on!  Afterwards, strap on some skates and whirl around the famous ice rink.

2.  National Christmas Tree Lighting, Washington, DC

Featuring a star-studded performance and the most symmetrical American fir you could find, this stately affair is more about the show than the lights, but we still think it’s pretty darn cool!  The National Christmas Tree Lighting is located on the Ellipse, a grassy park directly south of the White House.  The President is always on hand to make joyful remarks and the tree is always decorated with such precision.  If you can’t get tickets to the actual lighting, you can come any other time to visit the Pathway of Peace, Santa’s Workshop, and other fun things.

3.  Grand Illumination, Williamsburg, VA

This small colonial town puts on an awesome display of might during its annual Grand Illumination!  It’s an entire weekend of festivities, featuring orchestral ensembles, town parades, brass bands, special tours, and tavern dinners.  The entire event caps off with the illumination of the entire town’s lights and a wicked fireworks display!  Join the revelry with your own 14” FireCracklers Confetti Snappers and celebrate the coming holiday season.  For such a small place, it certainly offers big holiday fun.

4.  Trail of Lights, Austin, TX

This iconic Austin event is back and better than ever!  Crowds descend on Zilker Park to wind their way through more than a mile of holiday light displays known as the Trail of Lights.  Of course, this is more than just a light show – it’s a classic Austin experience packed with concerts, eating, and caroling.  Don’t miss the majestic Zilker Holiday Tree and sign up for the 5K if you prefer to go a faster pace under the Trail of Lights.

5.  Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

Only Branson could create a holiday light display at a theme park and make it feel truly special.  With over 5 million lights, a thousand decorated trees, and Christmas-themed events, Silver Dollar City transforms itself into a holiday spectacle!  Visiting the park is a family tradition for some folks and for other visitors it’s a great way to enjoy the park’s everyday features with an added bonus of twinkling Christmas displays.  Purchase some hot cider, wave hello to Kris Kringle, and enjoy a great night under the holiday lights!

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” effect to your holiday lighting.

Message of Gratitude This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Flutter FETTIAs December comes to a close, we like to reflect on the incredible year it has been.  We have had the pleasure to be part of so many wonderful events, amazing trade shows, beautiful weddings, and so much more.  But we couldn’t have done it all without you!

It has been an absolute delight to work with all our customers this year and we are proud to have made your events extra special.  We hope you all enjoy the time off during these next couple weeks.  May you have safe and happy holidays with all your family and friends!  Before you go, here’s a holiday poem from us:


Together with family

On cold winter nights

Warming by the fire

Eating sugary delights


We invite over friends

To spread some more joy

And over they come

With a few trinkets and toys


But the best gift of all

Are the Flutter FETTI sticks

With a flick of the wrist

Confetti floats, flies, and twists


All faces are smiling,

so much magic in the air

Now the party is on

There’s no time to spare


Everyone dances all night

Then they leave without a fuss

Finally bedtime for everyone

Happy Holidays from us!


Of course, with every ending there is also a new beginning.  We look forward to making your 2013 events even more extraordinary with Flutter FETTI®!