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Throwing the Ultimate Theme Party at Your Nightclub or Bar – 10 Tips to Pack the Place





As a club owner or promoter, you’re always on the lookout for the next “It” event. Theme parties definitely pack the house and help generate return patrons.  The Flutter FETTI Team is here to make sure your Theme Party is unforgettable.

Read on for 10 tried and true tips that will have you in the red!

  1. Pick a Tremendous Theme – Go big or go home.  Select a theme that your fits  your nightclub or bar demographic. From an 80’s Dance Party, Mardi Gras, and Flower Power to Toga Parties and the Roaring 20’s, your theme needs to excite your clientele.
  2. Themed Drink Specials – Always coordinate your concoctions. For example, drink names like The Truffle Shuffle, Miami Vice, and Purple Rain are perfect for an 80’s theme party.
  3. Reserve a Table – Offer exclusive seating, the ability to jump the line, and receive a free shot with table reservations for parties of four or more.
  4. Confetti the Dance Floor or Stage – Take advantage of your dance floor’s central location and make it the place to be as the confetti flies! Your customers will love this special effect and it’s easy with our Hand Held Quarter Turn Confetti Launcher.
  5. Theme Costumes – Patrons who dress the part receive free (or discounted) admission or swag.
  6. DJ or Band – Make sure your tunes are on track.  No reggae music on “Heavy Metal Monday”. Have your playlist set before the big night!
  7. Swag Sells – Everyone loves a little swag! Include beads, wristbands, or an exclusive event t-shirt with the cover charge.
  8. Lady Love – Chivalry goes a long way and creates a long line! No charge admission for ladies before 10 p.m.
  9. Capture the Moment – Have a staff photographer snapping candid pics of your party goers. Add your company logo at the bottom of each picture (many use the Watermark feature) and post on Facebook and other social media sites.
  10. Promote like a Boss – Get the word out through word of mouth, social media, flyers, and your website.  Connect with local “Event Happening” websites and list your theme night details.

Did you know you can RENT our Quarter Turn Launcher (Just $20.00 filled with tissue Flutter FETTI) or our Baby Gerb (Just $160.00 plus the confetti)?  Renting launchers is an affordable solution for making a big impact!

Attribution: Top Middle Photo from: Returnofkings.com Left Middle Row Photo from: pagasusanantonio.com Middle Middle Row Image from: freakyglasses.nl Left Bottom Row Photo from: oneenoly.nl Middle Bottom Row Photo from: tipjunky.com

Attribution: Top Middle Photo from: Returnofkings.com, Left Middle Row Photo from: pagasusanantonio.com, Middle Middle Row Image from: freakyglasses.nl, Left Bottom Row Photo from: oneenoly.nl, Middle Bottom Row Photo from: tipjunky.com



Flutter FETTI is here to help members of the event planning industry with product recommendations, best preparation and arrangement techniques, and customization options. Call us toll-free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S at 504-522-0300) or contact one of our knowledgeable Confettiologists for assistance and Wholesale Pricing.


3 New Nightclub Ideas Using Confetti

Nightclub confettiIt’s tough to impress a crowd of clubbers these days.  They’ve seen lasers and lightshows, bubbles and balloons, and plenty of on-stage theatrics.  That’s why Flutter FETTI is always coming up with new ways to stun your guests with confetti and streamers.  We’ve got 3 brilliant ideas that are certain to bolster your nightclub’s reputation and the perfect theme night idea to accompany each.

Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Confetti

Most likely everyone in your nightclub has seen confetti falling from the sky, but have they seen it glowing in the dark?  As long as you have black lights setup throughout the venue space, you can WOW all your dancing divas with swirling clouds of neon confetti.   Turn the fluorescent lights down, amp the music up, and unleash glow-in-the-dark confetti using Continuous Flow Confetti Blowers.

Theme party idea:  Combine a glow-in-the-dark confetti celebration with a “Neon Night” theme in which all your guests wear white or neon-colored clothing under the glimmer of black lights.

Shiny Metallic Streamers

Ladies love things that sparkle – rings, shoes, dresses – so why not give all your wonderful female guests something special to gawk over?  With multi-colored metallic FETTI soaring through your nightclub, you can dazzle the entire crowd, especially those who love a little bling!  Use the Continuous Flow Baby Gerb Launcher to send sparkling FETTI up to 50’ feet (or less) in the air or across your venue.

Theme party idea:  Launch metallic FETTI or streamers during a “Retro Night” or “Disco Night” theme party.  Vintage metal furniture and shiny clothes were all the rage in the ‘70s and ‘80s, so the sparkly confetti and streamers would definitely help bring the concept to life.

Die-Cut Confetti – Hearts & Stars

Think confetti only comes in circles, squares, rectangles?  Then you’re missing out on an entire range of cool die-cut confetti, from hearts and butterflies to rose petals and stars.  What makes die-cut confetti so great for nightclubs is that it’s least expected – just wait until you see the people dancing when they’re surrounded by a sea of bright colors, surprise shapes, and endless energy!

Theme party idea:  Die-cut confetti is perfect for seasonal parties.  During Valentine’s Day, drop die-cut confetti hearts from the ceiling to get sparks flying throughout the mingling crowd.  During the Fourth of July, fire off red, white and blue die-cut star confetti to merge patriotism with a party atmosphere.

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” effect to your nightclub event.

Confetti Is The Cherry Atop Your Wildest Nightclub Parties

Nightclub Party ConfettiAs the weather gets hotter, so do the parties.  From Las Vegas to Ibiza, nightclubs prepare for the coming wave of partygoers.  With theme nights and DJs there is plenty to keep people entertained, but what happens when you want something extra special?  Flutter FETTI’s confetti and streamer products are the perfect nightclub solution.

“Baby” Gerb Continuous Flow Confetti Launcher

Our newest confetti launcher bestows a mind-blowing special effect upon all your guests! With this relatively small machine, you can shoot tissue or metallic streamers 50 feet in the air (or less) and watch your clubbers stand up and dance as the FETTI flutters down.  The Baby Gerb Continuous Flow Confetti Launcher is now available for rent or purchase – what are you waiting for?
Ideal for:  Any size nightclubs, mid-size concerts, and big announcements

3” Continuous Flow Gerb Launchers with tissue FETTI

These incredible machines are essentially giant confetti cannons.  You can launch 1 lb. of tissue confetti per second up to 75 feet high in the air – you’ll never witness a more magnificent moment!  This is brilliant in nightclubs with big ceilings and massive crowds!  The 3” Continuous Flow Gerb Launchers is available for rent or purchase.  You can use many of our bulk tissue products to celebrate special events, including die-cut confetti hearts for Valentine’s Day or die-cut confetti stars when your star clients come to party.   All of our tissue products are biodegradable and flame retardant so they are totally safe in a club atmosphere.
Ideal for:  Large nightclubs and popular concerts

MEGA Blaster Launchers with Confetti and Metallic Streamers

This portable handheld launcher is perfect for those annual theme night parties and major announcements (like introducing a famous guest).  With a 2” barrel and Co2 cylinders, you can shoot everything from confetti and metallic streamers to die-cut products and hot dogs (no, we don’t sell the hot dogs!).  These interactive MEGA Blaster Launchers are easy to use and wow the crowd with fast-paced excitement!
Ideal for:  Mid-size to large nightclubs, big announcements, and theme parties

14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks

When you’d rather get the whole crowd involved, our 14” Flutter Fetti Confetti Sticks are totally fun.   Only 14 inches in length and filled with over 1,800 pieces of our famous Flutter FETTI (the only confetti which flutters, flies and floats in the air), these tubes add a whole lot of color to every type of nightclub party.  Have your staff pass them out on trays and ask the MC or DJ to explain to your guests how to shoot the confetti 12 to 15 feet high with just a flick of the wrist.  It’s a magical moment when the crowd shoots them off all at once!  Plus, with a minimum order we can custom wrap the tubes with your nightclub’s logo or wrap the outside of the tube with a message.  It’s a really nice souvenir for guests to take home after an incredible night out in your club.
Ideal for:  Small to mid-size nightclubs and annual/theme parties

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” effect to your nightclub parties.