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Girl Power – 5 Gorgeous Sweet 16th Party Ideas for Girls

Turning 16 is a HUGE milestone! Celebrate this very special birthday with a party theme your party girl will LOVE! Read on for inspiration from the Flutter FETTI Team!

www playbuzz dot com


Pick a Color

Have the birthday girl pick their fav color (or two!). On the invitation, let the party guests know to come dressed in their color-coordinated best. The monochromatic effect will look amazing in person and for photos!





www rivertea dot com


High Teas

Tea parties aren’t just for little girls. You can create quite a sophisticated event and enjoy a lovely evening for the ladies with an elegant tea party. Serve tea and light fare, such as finger sandwiches and cookies. Invite an expert to explain etiquette to the ladies.






www etsy dot com



Spa Day

What’s more relaxing than a day at the spa! Hire someone from your local salon for mani/pedis and facials. Have a soft cotton robe and slippers for each guest. Put on some soothing music and relax!








flutter fetti flickr 2



Model for a Day

Hire a local photographer to snap pics as the party goers rock the runway. Set up a photoshoot and use an instant camera to send the girls home with “headshots”.







www retroplanet dot com



Woodstock Again

Is your teenager a flower child at heart? Let them experience the 1960s with a “Woodstock” themed party. Decorate with peace signs, music posters, and have everyone dress in their best hippie garb. Peace, love and rock and roll!



Planning a Sweet 16 party can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways in which you can create a memorable experience for your teen and their guests. The most important aspect of throwing a fabulous party are making sure everyone who attends has FUN! Flutter FETTI confetti and streamer products make affordable accent pieces, favors, and magnificent effects that are sure to wow the teens at your sweet 16 party.

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Fun and Games – 5 Super 16th Birthday Party Themes

Turning 16 is a HUGE milestone! Celebrate this very special birthday with a party theme your teenager will love! Read on for inspiration from the Flutter FETTI Team in Part 2 of our special 3 part “Sweet 16” series!

Hwww gfmhotel dot comost a Murder Mystery Dinner

Interactive dinners are right on trend and there’s nothing better than a bit of excitement and suspense! Invite guests over for a murder mystery adventure and create “whodunit” clues throughout the evening.






flutter fetti flickrMardi Gras

What better defines FUN than a Mardi Gras themed party! Provide the guests with masks and beads, and set up a parade. Check out our blog post on Mardi Gras Madness for tons of great ideas.






www partycity dot com
Nacho Average Party

Go for a Mexican inspired theme. Serve a delicious taco bar and non-alcoholic margaritas. Have some fried ice cream and listen to some traditional Mexican music. Take it to the next level by hiring a mariachi band!





GN Graphics.inddGame Night

Everyone loves game night, so have a party with all the classics. Make stations for Life, Monopoly, Jenga, and a place to play Twister.





Dwww bizbash dot comown the Shore

You may not be on the beach, but you can imagine! Set the scene with beach chairs, blankets and beach balls. Serve some boardwalk food including pizza, funnel cake, and deep fried Oreos for a true experience.




Planning a Sweet 16 party can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways in which you can create a memorable experience for your teen and their guests. The most important aspect of throwing a fabulous party are making sure everyone who attends has FUN! Flutter FETTI confetti and streamer products make affordable accent pieces, favors, and magnificent effects that are sure to wow the teens at your sweet 16 party.

Want even more ideas?  We have them! Check out our posts 16 Big Ideas for that Sweet 16 Party! and Sixteen Candles – Planning the Perfect 16th Party! Stay tuned for more Sweet 16 inspiration with next week’s Girl Power – 5 Gorgeous Sweet 16th Party Ideas for Girls!

5 Fabulous Sweet Sixteen Outdoor Party Ideas

Turning 16 is a HUGE milestone! Celebrate this very special birthday with a party theme your teenager will love! Read on for inspiration from the Flutter FETTI Team in our special 3 part series!

Backyard Movie

Set up a projection machine and create a movie theater in your very own backyard. Put out blankets, bean bag chairs and beach chairs. Serve popcorn, candy and soda in boxes. Arrange candles and tiki torches to add to the ambiance.





the-roller-coaster-largeThrill Seeker

Is your soon to be 16-year-old crazy for coasters?  Then a local amusement park is the perfect destination (most have pavilions available for parties). Have a great time feasting on food and cake, then high tail it for some rides!




Hit the Trails
www visitsequoia dot com

Outdoor enthusiast? Take all their friends on a horseback riding, hiking, or fishing trip. It’s a great way to explore the outdoors and a unique way to have fun.






www johnnyaustinneon dot comParty at the Lake

Most lakes have pavilions available for parties. Check out rentals including paddleboards, canoes, a boat or even a water trampoline.






www burges dot episd dot orgUnder the Stars

Warm summer evenings are the perfect time for an under the stars theme. Light up the place with sparkling lights and let off lanterns into the sky. Putting uplights on the patio, paired with a confetti blower will produce a gorgeous effect that will certainly be remembered.




www weheartit dot comCampfire Night

Camping out is a fun and budget friendly party idea. Set up a few tents in your backyard along with a bonfire. Roast marshmallows, play flashlight tag and sleep under the stars.


Planning a Sweet 16 party can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways in which you can create a memorable experience for your teen and their guests. The most important aspect of throwing a fabulous party are making sure everyone who attends has FUN! Flutter FETTI confetti and streamer products make affordable accent pieces, favors, and magnificent effects that are sure to wow the teens at your sweet 16 party.

Want even more ideas?  We have them! Check out our posts 16 Big Ideas for that Sweet 16 Party! and Sixteen Candles – Planning the Perfect 16th Party! Stay tuned for more Sweet 16 inspiration with next week’s Fun and Games – 5 Super 16th Birthday Party Themes!

15 Wedding Surprises That People Love


Flutter FETTI Flickr 4
Your wedding is the best day of your life! You’ll laugh, cry, dance and have the best time ever imaginable. Brides and grooms love to WOW and surprise their guests; no one wants a simple cookie-cutter wedding! Here are some outstanding ways to make a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. For cocktail hour, offer alcohol samplings by an expert. Your guests can taste wine, liquor, and champagne. Or, serve one specialty signature cocktail. Pick something that defines your journey as a couple.
  2. Champagne is delicious, but it is even better with additions like citrus or fruit. Place options on the tables so your guests can customize their champagne toast drinks.Flutter FETTI Flickr 5
  3. Create a beautiful lounge area for your reception. Set up some couches and pillows as a space for your guests to relax between dance songs and still have a party atmosphere. Don’t forget soft lighting!
  4. Ask your reception venue if they have ushers available to walk the guests to their table. This creates a swankified atmosphere
  5. Seating can at times be awkward and hard to determine. On each table, place a sign that shows the relation between the guests at the table. Show the guests that you took time to think about who they would enjoy and what they have in common. This is a great conversation icebreaker as well!
  6. If your guests are staying at a hotel, offer transportation from the hotel to the ceremony, reception and back again. Some cool ideas include a trolley, a yellow school bus, or a double decker bus.
  7. For those guests staying in the hotel, leave fun welcome bags. Make sure they are personalized and add things such as a gift certificate to the closest coffee shop, a map with directions to the wedding and reception, and a list of local sights they may enjoy.
  8. Favors can be so generic sometimes. Offer items that will stand out in their minds. For outdoor ceremonies, sunglasses and sunscreen are not only practical, but great for photo ops. Leave a basket of flip flops for those who want to take off those high heels on the dance floor. Think outside the box and put yourself in your guests’ shoes. What would you appreciate?
  9. If children are welcome at the reception, they might get tired out during the event. Hire two or three babysitters and put them in a room with toys and items for children. The kids can opt to unwind in the kid room (or area) instead of with the adults.
  10. Guests love the first dance. Why not make it exciting? Do a remix and show off your dance moves. Take a ballroom dancing course and amaze your guests. Learn a dance routine, like from Dirty Dancing, and perform away!Flutter FETTI Flickr 3
  11. Another fun idea for the first dance is to have Confetti Blowers. A favorite look is all white Tissue Corkscrewswhich spiral downward mixed with silver and gold metallic Flutter FETTI.  Your family and friends will be enthralled as the FETTI flutters, flies, and floats downward creating a beautiful “upscale” special effect!
  12. Change your appearance for your reception. Purchase a reception dress that is easier to dance in. Let your hair down, change your makeup, and use your imagination!
  13. People of all ages love a photo booth. Give your guests fun props to use and send them copies of their photos.
  14. Get your wedding party or family in on a choreographed dance. If you can convince your dad or grandfather to perform a dance and show off his impressive moves, you’re sure to induce some belly laughs!
  15. Guests love fun and unique snack foods. As the party progresses through the evening, offer candy bars, a taco bar, an ice cream bar, or a waffle bar! The possibilities are endless.

The team at Flutter FETTI is here to customize your confetti and streamer needs to make your wedding stunningly spectacular! Contact one of our confettiologists toll-free at (877) 321-1999 for personalized service on just the right products to use at your reception.

Want even more great surprises for your wedding guests? Don’t miss our blog post on the Top 7 Wedding Surprises That People Love!

Customer Approved!

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Five-Star-Image16” Wedding Confetti “Hand Flick” Launcher – Custom Colors  

Beautiful addition to the Wedding! We ordered this for our daughter’s April wedding. I had discovered it just weeks before the date. Our Flutter FETTI came in fast and it was perfectly packaged. It was a beautiful addition to the bride and groom’s exit. We thought about bubbles… takes too long and is messy. We thought about bird seed… but wasn’t sure how it would clean up. When I found this… we were excited. The pieces are nice enough to make clean up a breeze. We custom ordered our colors… and it was gorgeous. Haven’t gotten our pictures yet… but the photographer has already said the confetti made the difference. She had never shot it before and said she would recommend it. We have already recommended this to all our friends.


Baptism & Christening Parties with Pizzazz!

A baptism or christening is a wonderful cause for celebration. Families and friends alike want to share this moment with their loved ones. Whether you’re hosting a large affair or a more intimate gathering, you can have an incredible baptism or christening party. All you need to do is add the right amount of style and flair this sacred and cherished time. The Flutter FETTI Team is here for all of your party planning needs – read on for their exclusive tips to make this day oh-so-memorable!

Photo Booth with a Streamer or Ribbon Back Dropwww etsy dot com jd photo props store

Everyone will want a picture with the little guest of honor, so create a special area just for photos. Streamers and ribbon are eye catching options that won’t break the bank. Just drape them vertically from the ceiling to the floor, tightly next to each other and twisted together at the top. Since they come in a variety of colors, you can definitely find pale pastels and white colored streamers to capture the true innocence of a ceremony like this. Set up a chair or bench front and center for baby and their guests. If possible, set up the photo booth in a well-lighted area that receives lots of natural sunlight. Share the photos with your family and friends after the party! Did you know we can custom color and make any size tissue or metallic streamers to hang on the wall? And there’s no minimum order for streamers!



flutter fetti image from flickrConfetti

Confetti adds the PERFECT touch to any event! Our hand flick confetti launchers are popular with our customers. Want to as some extra flair? Scatter loose confetti in custom colored die cut hearts on the party tables. Create heartwarming memories on this special day with the magic of confetti! Soft colors mixed with white Flutter FETTI will cascade around the guests and provide amazing photo opportunities. Loved by adults and children, confetti will make your baptism or christening party stand out.




Twww blovelyevents dot comhe Desserts

The menu is always something that is important at any gathering, but when you really think about it, the desserts are the star. Satisfy those hungry party goers will a special cake, cookies in the shape of a cross or dove, a color coordinated candy bar, or even a pastel colored cupcake or donut tower! Set up a “dessert station” for all of the sweet confections.





www esty dot com resebudchocolates storeParty Favors

Unlike other parties, people don’t typically expect some type of favor for this event. However, you don’t need to let your guests leave empty handed! Choosing something simple like candies in a white or pastel colored miniature bag stamped with the name of your child and the date of the baptism can be a great place for you to start. You can also make white chocolate lollipops with cross shaped molds and simply wrap in cellophane and tie with a white ribbon.




The Theme

Who doesn’t love a theme? Party themes tie the entire event together. Think invitations/announcements, décor and style. A few ideas for your theme could include:

  1. Seasonal – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall each bring unique ideas for decorating around the time of year when your child is baptized.
  1. Animals – If you had a baby shower with an animal theme, why not incorporate the same idea with this party? You may even have some decorations or ideas you could re-use in unique ways. Decoration with little lambs, ducks, elephants or monkeys are always an adorable choice.
  1. Location, location, location – Live at the beach? Make it a coastal party with starfish, nautical decor and various blue confetti products. Order our “water soluble” instant dissolve tissue to use by the beach. As always, all of our tissue is biodegradable!

The Flutter FETTI Team is here to help make your baptism or christening magnificent!  Contact one of our confettiologists toll-free at (877) 321-1999 for customized suggestions today!

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Nina C.

Flutter FETTI Sticks  Magically Amazing! Best customer service with our order, and an even more amazing product! 

Samuel B.

Five-Star-Image1Flutter FETTI Sticks  Works easily. Makes great pictures too!


Amey S.  


Bulk Tissue Confetti Perfect! The confetti was better than I imagined! The colors are perfect and the paper looks amazing when it falls. I was also impressed with the fact that someone kept in touch with me about the status of my order without me asking. Most companies just take your money and let you wait till the package comes to your door. Great customer service and awesome confetti! 




Product Feature: X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher

Pageant show streamersAstonishing. Breathtaking. Out of this world. The X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher is truly a showstopper! This powerful confetti launcher is perfect for larger venues looking for an extraordinary impact and to create memories filled with happiness.

How can the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher be incorporated into events? The Flutter FETTI Team has put together some examples:

Magical Moments
Disney in California recently rented 12 of our X-6 launchers for an amazing and magnificent ten week show in Singapore. Disney used our X-6 filled with metallic streamers which shot straight up into the air. Pure magic!

Commencement Ceremonies
Bye bye boring ceremony – hello fun filled FETTI! Many colleges use our X-6 for graduation ceremonies. As students don caps and gowns and receive their hard-earned diplomas, the Flutter FETTI team is there to help create excitement and that “Knock Your Socks Off Wow Factor” to make Commencement Ceremonies legendary!

Sporting Events
Score a big win at baseball, basketball, and football games with the magic of Flutter FETTI. Sporting Events love using Flutter FETTI to celebrate their victories. The X-6 will shoot our tissue or metallic stadium streamers into the air at the conclusion of the game!

Concert Promoters Wow Concert and Festival Crowds
Concert artists use the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher for the show’s final moments and send audience members home pumped up. Our steamers can be imprinted for the fans to pick up and keep as special mementos. Artists use Flutter FETTI streamers to take their events to the next level.

Grand Openings are Grander
Ribbon cutting is a must… In addition, large buildings and businesses are amping up their grand openings by shooting giant streamers from multiple X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launchers. This dramatic effect makes for a successful grand opening!

Using the X-6
The double-barrel confetti launcher can be hung from a lighting grid with a C-Clamp or it can sit on a stage floor. The 2 Barrels can be separated and used as two separate confetti launchers. Customize your colors with our 2″ x 40′ Tissue Stadium Streamers that shoot 80 feet into the air or our 2” x 40’ Metallic Stadium Streamers that shoot 100 feet into the air. These streamers add major festivity to any event!

When you’re looking for a powerful launcher, the X-6 is the launcher for you. Remember, we can manufacture tissue or metallic streamers in any size you want. Just tell us how far you want them to shoot and we can make it happen.

About Flutter FETTI: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products. Our mission is to bring exhilaration and delight into every special event in your life. Contact one of our creative confettiologists and we’ll help you incorporate the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher into your occasion!

Are you an Event Planner? Call us toll free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S at 504-522-0300) for Wholesale Pricing.

Flutter FETTI Takes on the Big Top

FF_Circus FettiFlutter FETTI has traveled around the world and transformed events of all kind. Have you been under the Big Top and watched the “daring young man on the flying trapeze”, clowns and clown cars, and the Ringmaster commanding lions, tigers, and bears? Then you just may have experienced the magic of Flutter FETTI! Circuses have used our 9 Barrel “POD” Remote Control Confetti Launcher as the grand finale for their show. Children of all ages love the thrilling ending of Flutter FETTI floating and flying around them after an outing filled with family fun.

Wondering how our 9 Barrel “POD” actually works? Read on for how to use this versatile POD for everything from large arenas to lower ceilinged venues.

Our 9-Barrel POD Remote Control Confetti Launcher will shoot our custom colored 2″ x 40′ large metallic streamers 85′ into the air in various pre-programmed sequences. If you’re looking for a safe substitute for fireworks, the 9-Barrel POD is your answer! A programmable, on-board micro-processor can be programmed to fire off all the barrels at once or in a staggered firing configuration. Totally genius! You can even link POD units together for extended programs. If your ceilings aren’t that high, then you can load the 9 barrels with our speed load tubes of products, and they will go 35′ high in the POD. Whatever you load into it we GUARANTEE the 9-Barrel POD will excite your audience with this incredible action launcher.

About Flutter FETTI
The mission at The Flutter FETTI Fun Factory is to bring excitement and add life to special events and parties. The beautiful visual effects of their amazing confetti and streamer products kick energy levels up high and spread smiles everywhere. Contact one of our knowledgeable Confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” effect to your events.
Have you incorporated Flutter FETTI into one of your celebrations? Share your photos and videos with us here!

Image Courtesy: www.stagesteps.co.uk

Celebrate Bowl Game Victories with Confetti Cannons and Blowers

Bowl Game Confetti CelebrationsYou know that moment when confetti rains down on coaches, players and fans after a hard-fought Bowl Game victory?  It’s a spectacular and magical moment and one that’s truly deserved after all the sleepless nights, grueling workouts, and media pressure teams endure.

To make that moment perfect for your impending bowl game victory, you need the right setup of confetti cannons and blowers on the field.  With football bowl season fast approaching, Flutter FETTI has what you need to get the job done and get it done quickly.

How to make it rain confetti

The quintessential post-victory stadium scene involves team-colored confetti raining down on the entire field.  To make this effect occur, you need multiple large and powerful confetti blowers.  By using 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers, you can spew a pound of confetti every second up to 100 feet in the air – that’s 10 stories high!  See for yourself the awesome power of the Gerb:

How to shoot streamers skyward

If you’re looking for a special effect that packs more punch, the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher can shoot streamers skyward and help you celebrate an exciting bowl victory with all the pomp and circumstance you imagined.  With its dual 42”-long barrels and Co2 cylinders, this confetti cannon makes massive metallic streamers soar across a stadium like rocket ships!  Watch it in action at a recent sports game victory:

How to launch confetti like fireworks

For the most electric, awe-inspiring special effect, give your bowl victory a confetti celebration that’s as exciting as fireworks, but much safer.  The 9 Barrel POD Remote Control Confetti Launcher is a confetti cannon with 9 distinct barrels and a pre-programmable on-board microprocessor so you can setup the sequence and positioning of each shot just the way you want.  Launch confetti, streamers or both and leave your team and fans in absolute awe of your victorious celebration!

How to make a more intimate confetti moment

For a unique, intimate confetti moment that the football team’s hard-working coach is sure to love, use the Surprise Box and unleash a mini storm of confetti right beside and above him.  It’s just like pouring Gatorade over the coach’s head, only far less cold and way more colorful!  Plus, all the players and coaching staff can join in the fun and embrace the excitement of a bowl victory together.

Almost all of our confetti cannons and confetti blowers are available to rent or purchase.  For more information and more great special effect ideas for football bowl victories, contact our expert confettiologists at 877-321-1999.

A Fun Finale For School Holiday Shows: Streamers & Confetti!

Practically every school celebrates the end of the first semester with holiday shows, plays, musicals or concerts.  As teachers, you spend months preparing students for the big performance in front of peers, friends and family.  Even the cheeriest event can be quite stressful, so do you really want to end your show with a dud?

Streamers and confetti make for the perfect fun-filled finale!  End your school holiday show, play, musical or concert – and signal the end of all that stress – with a burst of color, shimmer and pizzazz!

Here are some ideas (and great photos) to inspire your holiday show finale:

Use Confetti Sticks

School Holiday Show Confetti - 14The most simple and straightforward confetti sticks are also the most spectacular idea for finales.  Why?  Because everyone can use them, from the smallest child to the biggest adult!  They’re easy to grip, shoot off with just a flick of the wrist, and create the most awe-inspiring moment of fluttering, floating and flying confetti!

The 6” Flutter Flickers are ideal for the younger ones, smaller venues, or the pockets of band members who don’t want to ruin the surprise ending!  The popular 14” Confetti Sticks are better for older students or groups who want to make a big impact in a big auditorium!  You can customize colors for either one (think red, green and white for a school Christmas play) and tissue FETTI is easy to clean up.

Use Airless Launchers with Streamers

School Holiday Show Streamers - 18If you want something that reaches further into the audience, and has a bit more shimmer too, then the 18” Airless Launchers with Metallic Streamers are sure to please.  You get two shots with each tube and all it takes is just a flick of the wrist (no Co2 required) to launch streamers 20’ to 25’ in the air!  In a really dark room with only a few bright spotlights, the shimmering effect of flying metallic strips is enough to get everyone on their feet for that standing ovation.

Some school holiday shows step it up a notch and do streamers and confetti all at once.  There are launchers stuffed with streamers and confetti that give you the best of both worlds, or you can give half the performing students confetti sticks and the other half airless launchers and let ‘em rip!

Use Confetti Cannons or Confetti Blowers

School Holiday Show Confetti LauncherIf your school budget allows you to splurge a bit, confetti cannons or confetti blowers can give you a whole lot more bang for your buck.  Rather than make every student work for the finale, cannons and blowers do the work for you so everyone can be mesmerized by the moment.  What’s that moment you ask?  The moment the entire auditorium is covered in a cloud of colorful confetti!

The Surprise Box is great because it can be surreptitiously rolled out on stage and only unleashed when the moment is right.  The 3” Gerbs produce an even bigger effect and shoot confetti up to 75’ high – and it’s always a hit with the audience.  For an all out blast, the X-6 Double Barrel Launchers create a moment on par with the most astonishing fireworks shows, yet all done with confetti.

Regardless of which one you choose, an awesome, fun-filled finale awaits your school holiday show, play, musical or concert.  That’s the magic of streamers and confetti; that’s the magic of Flutter FETTI!