5 Fairytale Wedding Must-Haves

Fairytale Wedding Confetti

From the moment you first heard the word “princess”, you’ve been dreaming of that fairytale wedding.  Now it’s finally here and you’re wondering if it’s possible to put your dreams into reality.  Well as long as you’ve got your prince, a fairytale wedding is certainly possible! At Flutter FETTI, we help countless brides complete their fairytale weddings.  While everyone’s imagination is slightly different, we’ve got a quick list of five must-haves to be included: The Castle Castles are a must.  For those who take it literally, there are plenty of castles to host your fairytale wedding, from a majestic castle… Read the Rest >>

Special Effects for Warm-Weather Holiday Lighting Ceremonies

White Corkscrews Confetti

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in New York City is the quintessential holiday lighting.  You get the big, beautiful pine tree dotted with countless twinkling lights, a chilly winter evening accompanied by a light snowfall, and a sea of people bundled in festive winter gear. That scene is possible in New York City, but what about in warm-weather cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, and Tampa Bay?  You’ll have to use a lot more imagination – or employ a wave of awesome special effects.  With a little bit of planning, the latter is easily achievable and way more fun!… Read the Rest >>

5 Advantages to Renting Confetti Cannons and Blowers

Rent Confetti Cannons and Blowers

You love the way falling confetti jazzes up a concert event and how streamers soar through a sports stadium when your team is victorious! You love that effect, but are you willing to make the investment and buy confetti cannons and blowers? Fortunately, there’s more than one option. At Flutter FETTI we rent confetti cannons and blowers so you can maximize your fun anytime, anywhere! Here are 5 advantages to renting: 1. Try before you buy Every confetti cannon and confetti blower creates a slightly different special effect. The 3” Continuous Flow Gerb is a medium-sized confetti blower that shoots… Read the Rest >>

Celebrate Bowl Game Victories with Confetti Cannons and Blowers

Bowl Game Confetti Celebrations

You know that moment when confetti rains down on coaches, players and fans after a hard-fought Bowl Game victory?  It’s a spectacular and magical moment and one that’s truly deserved after all the sleepless nights, grueling workouts, and media pressure teams endure. To make that moment perfect for your impending bowl game victory, you need the right setup of confetti cannons and blowers on the field.  With football bowl season fast approaching, Flutter FETTI has what you need to get the job done and get it done quickly. How to make it rain confetti The quintessential post-victory stadium scene involves… Read the Rest >>

5 Epic New Years Eve Party Themes and Ideas

New Years Eve confetti party

What?  The year is almost over?  That’s okay, because a new one is about to begin and in between the old and the new you squeeze in the most epic annual party:  New Years Eve!  Rather than do something ‘routine’ this year, mix it up with a creative theme party and give your nightclub, bar or home something to look forward to.  Here are 5 epic New Years Eve party themes and ideas you should consider: 1.  All White Party Theme It’s a really simple theme: partygoers dress in fashionable all white attire.  Despite its simplicity, the end result is… Read the Rest >>

A Fun Finale For School Holiday Shows: Streamers & Confetti!

School Holiday Show Streamers - 18

Practically every school celebrates the end of the first semester with holiday shows, plays, musicals or concerts.  As teachers, you spend months preparing students for the big performance in front of peers, friends and family.  Even the cheeriest event can be quite stressful, so do you really want to end your show with a dud? Streamers and confetti make for the perfect fun-filled finale!  End your school holiday show, play, musical or concert – and signal the end of all that stress – with a burst of color, shimmer and pizzazz! Here are some ideas (and great photos) to inspire… Read the Rest >>

4 Casino Confetti Launchers for Celebrating BIG Winners

Surprise Box for Casino

Did someone hit the jackpot?  Win a major poker tournament?  Get the grand prize?  As a casino, it’s your job to make every big occasion a MASSIVE celebration!  How else do you inspire other players to take the risk to win it all?  Your goal is to make every celebration loud, proud, and full of confetti clouds! Confetti cannons and confetti launchers from Flutter FETTI are the top tools of the trade and transform your exciting event into a magical masterpiece.  Here are the 4 most popular types of casino confetti launchers for celebrating BIG winners: 3” Continuous Flow Confetti… Read the Rest >>

Pageant Show Confetti – Victory Has Never Been Sweeter

Pageant show streamers

There’s a good chance you realize that pageant shows are the most competitive contests in the nation.  They’re a grueling mix of beauty, brains and talent and the women who compete put everything they’ve got into winning the show.  Would a little confetti go a long way in making a pageant victory extra sweet?  You bet it would! The color, the emotion and the significance of confetti make it the perfect ending.  With the right products, your victory can be as spectacular as the professional pageant scenes shown on TV.  What type of confetti and confetti cannons are best?  We… Read the Rest >>

Have You Heard About The Concert #Confettibomb?

Beebs & Flutter FETTI

There are countless examples of great partnerships out there:  Batman & Robin, Bonnie & Clyde, Ying & Yang.  Yet none has been as colorful, dramatic and awe-inspiring as this latest duo:  Flutter FETTI & Beebs And Her Moneymakers! Better than Peanut Butter & Jelly?  We certainly think so!  This summer Beebs And Her Moneymakers jammed out at the Vans Warped Tour and rocked the house day after day.  Fans absolutely loved them, but what was the secret behind their concert success?  Was it their wacky outfits, catchy songs, or awesome performances that caught all the attention?  Surely that was part… Read the Rest >>

Halloween Confetti Is Both Trick And Treat

Halloween Confetti Best Costume

Trick or treating shouldn’t be reserved for just kids.  Adults can have fun too and confetti can allow you to do both in style.  By bringing confetti into the holiday mix, you can make your Halloween party or event more astonishing, more unexpected, and more colorful than ever!  Check out some of our favorite Halloween confetti ideas: Treat:  Halloween confetti at a nightclub event From Las Vegas to New York City, the hottest nightclub parties at the end of October come in one form:  Halloween costume parties!  And what better way to celebrate the sexy costumes and seasonal theme than… Read the Rest >>