5 Wedding Planner Tips: How To WOW Guests with Confetti

Wedding Planner Confetti

The expectations of wedding guests have risen substantially over the years. A seven-piece band, floor-to-ceiling decorations and three-tier cake are just not enough anymore. If you’re a wedding planner looking for ideas on how to WOW your guests, then we’ve got the answer here at Flutter FETTI. Our confetti and streamer products are visually stunning and will have guests talking about the event long after it’s over. Here are 5 wedding planner confetti tips that you won’t want to miss: Tip #1: Make the First Dance Extra Magical The first dance is one of the most magical moments of the… Read the Rest >>

Confetti Ideas for Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Confetti

Birthdays parties are the perfect excuse to break from the mold of everyday life and embrace the excitement of party favors, ‘tchotchkes’, and nonsensical decorations. They’re joyous occasions and what’s more joyous than colorful confetti? Here are some great confetti ideas to use for an upcoming birthday party: Congratulate with 3-in-1 confetti and swisher sticks Is the birthday girl about to finish her first pony ride? Is the birthday boy rappelling down the rock wall after making it to the top? Congratulate them with a blast of multi-colored confetti using 9″ Happy Birthday Confetti and Swisher Sticks. Then continue using… Read the Rest >>

3 Concert Special Effects to WOW an Audience

Concert Confetti Special Effects

Concertgoers can be hard to please these days. They expect good music, they expect a timely performance, and they expect an enjoyable experience. As a concert production company, you need something that the fans won’t expect – something that will WOW them. Flutter FETTI has 3 brilliant ideas for concert special effects that impress will an audience night in and night out. These are special effects that produce amazing color and drama, while also being easy to setup and cleanup. The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Green Day, Beyonce and so many others have taken advantage of these special… Read the Rest >>

When It Comes to Fun Runs, Always Run with FETTI!

Cancer Walk Confetti

Mom always said to never run with scissors, but what she forgot to tell you is that it’s always okay to run with confetti – particularly Flutter FETTI! Fun runs, mud runs, charity races, and other casual races have exploded in popularity in recent years. At many of these runs, organizers use confetti and streamers to encourage participation and cheer on competitors. Just look at some of these great ideas: Confetti for Obstacle Races & Mud Runs When simply running isn’t enough, exercise enthusiasts sign up for obstacle races and mud runs like Rebel Race, Spartan Sprints, and Tough Mudder…. Read the Rest >>

The Most Memorable Wedding Exit Idea: Confetti & Streamers!

Wedding Exit Confetti

Creating a perfect wedding day requires precision in every detail: a beautiful dress, an intimate ceremony, a favorite first dance song, and just about everything else. It has to start off on the right foot and end in stunning fashion, which is why the wedding exit is just as important as every other moment! There are dozens of great wedding exit ideas, including sparklers, pillar candles, wish lanterns, flower petals, and balloons. However, none of them come close to the excitement, color and style of Flutter FETTI wedding confetti and streamers. These soaring objects float, flutter and fly 10x longer… Read the Rest >>

Best World Cup Party Idea: Customized Confetti with Team Colors!

World Cup Fans Confetti

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is in the heat of action right now and soccer (or football) fans around the world are gearing up for victory! With so many incredible games and so many great teams, there are tons of events to attend and plenty of excuses to skip work. If you plan on hosting or attending a World Cup party, then you’ve got to be prepared for all the fanfare, especially when your team scores a goal. Here are some top ideas: Hand-Flick Sticks with Customized “Team Color” Confetti There is no better way to celebrate a game-winning goal… Read the Rest >>

Top 5 Events for Using Bulk Confetti

Concert Confetti Bulk

Whenever big events are shown on TV, like the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving Day Parade, or political election victories, they often show massive whirlwinds of confetti flying across the screen. The use of bulk confetti is popular for these large events because it gives the most bang for the buck. Plus, event planners love how bulk loose confetti can bring so much color and excitement to every corner of a big space. Here are the top 5 events for using bulk confetti: Large Concerts Production managers from New York to New Orleans to Nashville have used bulk confetti to greet and… Read the Rest >>

What Are Customers Saying About Flutter FETTI?

Globie Awards 1

For over 20 years, we’ve been telling people, “There’s nothing like the original Flutter FETTI!” Our famous FETTI has been used by brides, musicians, schools, festivals, businesses and pretty much anyone you can think of with one goal in mind: to create unforgettable memories! We know how wonderful Flutter FETTI can be, but why do you always have to hear it from us? Our customers have lots of things to say and we’re proud to share some of them here with you right here: Comments from Flutter FETTI’s Facebook Page Product Reviews on FlutterFETTI.com Lynne H. – 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti… Read the Rest >>

What Makes The Perfect Destination Wedding? Confetti & Streamers!

Confetti destination wedding

So many brides-to-be dream of a seaside destination wedding with the perfect blue sky, soft sand between the toes, and gentle ocean breezes. While the scenery is beautiful, planning something so far away can be daunting. That’s why it’s always important to put a little taste of home into your destination wedding. How do you do that? By ordering confetti & streamers! Flutter FETTI Is Good Ol’ American Fun What’s the most American thing you can think of? Hopefully you said parades with confetti! It’s more American than apple pie (don’t tell that to grandma) and it’s part of almost… Read the Rest >>

Win $250 of Spectacular Special Effects – Free to Enter and Free to Choose!


At Flutter FETTI, we love throwing contests and this one features our BEST GIVEAWAY YET!  Why?  Because not only is it free to enter as always, but the winner has the freedom to choose the assortment of confetti and streamers for his or her event!!                             Contest ends 06/30/2014.  Click the link below for rules and details. Enter the contest now >> Put the WOW factor into any SPECTACULAR event this summer with an explosion of customized confetti.  One lucky winner will get to talk to our famous confettiologists… Read the Rest >>