15 Wedding Surprises That People Love

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  Your wedding is the best day of your life! You’ll laugh, cry, dance and have the best time ever imaginable. Brides and grooms love to WOW and surprise their guests; no one wants a simple cookie-cutter wedding! Here are some outstanding ways to make a lasting impression on your guests. For cocktail hour, offer alcohol samplings by an expert. Your guests can taste wine, liquor, and champagne. Or, serve one specialty signature cocktail. Pick something that defines your journey as a couple. Champagne is delicious, but it is even better with additions like citrus or fruit. Place options on… Read the Rest >>

Naturally Elegant – Amazing Rustic Chic Weddings


  Rustic chic has become a popular choice for wedding themes. The back to nature, understated simplicity is perfect for those loving couples whose idea of bliss is sipping from mason jars in their cowboy boots. The theme also fits the elegant minimalist couple who believe that the focus of a wedding should be on their family, friends, and everlasting love instead of opulent and often unnecessary expenses. It’s as easy as Mom’s home baked pie to create a rustic feel that is chic while still charming! The Flutter FETTI Team has some exciting ideas for making your rustic chic… Read the Rest >>

Baptism & Christening Parties with Pizzazz!

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A baptism or christening is a wonderful cause for celebration. Families and friends alike want to share this moment with their loved ones. Whether you’re hosting a large affair or a more intimate gathering, you can have an incredible baptism or christening party. All you need to do is add the right amount of style and flair this sacred and cherished time. The Flutter FETTI Team is here for all of your party planning needs – read on for their exclusive tips to make this day oh-so-memorable! Photo Booth with a Streamer or Ribbon Back Drop Everyone will want a… Read the Rest >>

Lights, Camera, Action! DIY Outdoor Movie Nights

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Who needs going to out the movies if you can have your own spectacular DIY movie night in the comfort of your backyard? Imagine lounging under the stars with family, friends, and a fun flick! The Flutter FETTI Team has put together some great ideas for making this movie night a blast. Your guests will request a “Movie Night – Part 2” for sure! Movie Ticket Invites You can’t get into a movie without your ticket, can you? Send out movie-themed VIP Access invites. Another option is the send guests raffle tickets to use as their “entrance vouchers”. Get creative… Read the Rest >>

Spectacular Ways to WOW at Your Corporate Party


Why Use Flutter FETTI at Your Corporate Party? The pressure is on…you’re responsible for coordinating a successful and memorable corporate event.  Amaze your employees with the unexpected!  Confetti and streamers are a spectacular way to add a special touch to corporate meetings, dinners, or retreats. Employee morale (along with our FETTI products) will soar! Flutter FETTI Fits Any Budget We understand that planning budgets can be minimal, but you need to produce maximum results. Incorporating confetti and streamers is a budget-friendly, yet elegant way to achieve the WOW effect.  Flutter FETTI offers guaranteed lowest prices and volume discounts for all… Read the Rest >>

Guaranteed to Keep Your Guests Laughing – Party Games for Groups

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Do you have family and friends visiting?  Say goodbye to humdrum happenings and hello to FUN! The Flutter FETTI Team has some fabulous party game ideas to break the ice and get the party started! Gargle a Song You might want to have a rain poncho or bib on hand for this crazy game! While gargling water, a person will start to sing a song. The others in the group will try to guess what song they are singing. The person who guesses correctly is next up to serenade the party. Sing Song Ping Pong For this party pastime, a person… Read the Rest >>

Military Welcome Home Celebrations

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Members of our military sacrifice a great deal to protect the freedom of others. Now the magical time has finally arrived to welcome your soldier home! Greet them like the heroes they are with a homecoming reception filled with happiness and love. Flutter FETTI proudly supports our troops and wants to make your celebration truly memorable. Read on for how you, your family, and friends can thank your service member in style! 15 Fun “Welcome Home” Sign Ideas Your hero is home and it’s time to celebrate their arrival with signs and banners!  Handcrafted and personalized signs show your service… Read the Rest >>

Blue or Pink – What Do You Think? Creative Baby Gender Reveal Ideas


It’s beyond exciting to find out you’re expecting and it’s time to share the news! Long gone are the days of (gasp!) waiting until the baby is born to announce if it’s a girl or boy… A popular and exciting way to share your special delivery details with family and friends is to host a Gender Reveal.  Ready to plan the most epic Gender Reveal ever? The Flutter FETTI Team has you covered with these awesome ideas! Say It with Confetti! Hand out the confetti launchers and explain to your excited guests how to use them. No peeking! Then begin the… Read the Rest >>

Secrets to Throwing a Fab Party on a Budget

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Everyone wants to throw a party that will be remembered, and the Flutter FETTI team has plenty of great products to help. From setting the right atmosphere to placing the finishing touches, this post will discuss the top secrets for throwing a fab party on a limited budget. Each of these secrets offers a straightforward way to enhance your next event, from unique table settings and party favors to party themes. Get Creative with Table Settings If your gathering will include dinner or refreshments, there is no better way to spruce things up than with some fun confetti table accents…. Read the Rest >>

Bohemian Chic Bridal Showers

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The bohemian bridal shower theme is perfect for a free-spirited bride-to-be. Dream up a botanical-inspired setting filled with colorful fabrics, throw pillows, and low tables resting atop scattered rugs. Combine rustic and Moroccan touches for a one of a kind bridal shower and memories to last a lifetime. The Team at Flutter FETTI is here to help create a celebration filled with magic and excitement. Read on for tips from our team of experts. DIY Flower Crowns Searching for an interactive yet non-traditional bridal shower activity? Guests can craft and wear their own flower crowns. Bonus: not only are the… Read the Rest >>